L.L. Barkat's tagline is "writing and speaking for your life." Check out these links, for more life-giving opportunities.

Makoto Fujimura

A talented and visionary artist, recently named "Daniel of the Year," Mako bridges faith and culture in his speaking, his art, and through The International Arts Movement.

Walter Wangerin, Jr.

To listen to Walter speak is a fortunate experience in itself. His unfailing honesty, passionate heart, and brilliant story telling transport even the weariest soul. For more inspiration, check out Walter's website.

Charity Singleton

Charity Singleton is a talented writer, with an open, inviting style. We met at the Calvin Festival of Faith and Writing, for which I'll always be thankful. She has contributed to Discipleship Journal and has an inspiring blog (if you go for that sort of thing... which I do). Visit Charity.

Mary DeMuth, author Ordinay Mom, Extraordinary God

Want a straight look on life, from a deep-thinking writer? Open up Mary DeMuth. Even if you're a dad, you'll totally appreciate this clear-headed writer who captures the godly wisdom of childhood with her pen. You'll also appreciate the chance to laugh, with chapters like "Nervous Pie Eater," in which daughter Sophie concludes that little brother Aidan bit her because "he got nervous and thought I was pie."

Randy Ingermanson, author Oxygen

If you benefited from Randy's sample proposal on this site, you might want to check out his writing tips. Especially his "Snowflake Design", an approach to writing fiction that will take you from vapor to full-fledged storm. Looking for a real blizzard? Venture into Randy's advanced fiction writing e-zine.

Kay Marshall Strom, author Daughters of Hope

Ever wonder what you'd be willing to do for your faith? Kay has met Christians across the world who don't have to wonder. They've been tested by the cruelty of the faithless. In this astonishing book, Kay and Michelle Rickett tell stories from around the globe that will encourage your faith. You'll marvel that if God has stayed ever present for these sufferers, then He can carry you through anything too.

Randy Isaac, Executive Director American Scientific Affiliation (ASA)
A physicist and former IBM researcher, Randy is committed to the integration of faith, science and technology. Leading the ASA, he helps provide an open forum where controversies can be discussed-with the purpose of promoting the use of science and technology for the good of people and the world.

Valerie Kirschenbaum, author Goodbye Gutenberg

Imagine the world of books in full color. Valerie Kirschenbaum invites writers on a new journey. Into designer writing. Could you be one of a new generation of designer writers? Kirschenbaum hopes you'll answer the call to adventure. Check out Goodbye Gutenberg's invitation.